Fencing North Committee Meeting Minutes - 19 September 2022

Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 19.09.2022

 Meeting Opened:  7:07 pm (MS Teams)

Present: Ben Upton (Secretary), Peter Butler (President); Katie Logan (Academy of Fencing); Fiona Campbell (H&S and tournaments); Mary Black (Tuatahi),  Kirsten Hansen (Media); Sunnie Sun (Vice President), Hannah Choi (Auckland University), Anya Kaminya (Coach). Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Fiona Campbell (Tournaments). David Elder (President, FENZ, late).

Apologies: Mary Black, Judit Flizar.

Minutes of last committee meeting

 Ben Upton apologised for the lack of minutes which is due to lack of saving.



This went well although numbers were relatively low.  Ran break even.

National Secondary Schools

This went well.  Formal thanks to Katie Logan and Fiona Campbell for key work in making this happen.

Organisation went well.  There was a black card incident, which was unfortunate.  Disciplinary actions dealt with by FENZ.  There was another incident which led to damage to a stairwell area.  This is being dealt with by via the school and parents.

Main learning was the organisation / location of DT which allowed people not involved to interact too much.  A separate room is required.  There are some options that will need to be discussed. 

Fiona will be running a workshop to train up helpers.


There is a need for assistance for weapons check, first aid, dinner.  Kirsten will do a post to advertise these jobs.

There was a discussion about referees and whether there was a need to fund if we are short. 

The plan was for 11 pistes.  Anya Kaminya advised that there was a likely need for 2 referees from overseas to cover 3 weapons for the three days. Agreed that Anya to approach overseas referees to see what can be accommodated.

In terms of food stalls, there are options for other clubs to take a day.  Otherwise Tuatahi could do the three days.  There is a preference to share.  This option will be advertised.


Amanda Hoplkins indicated that the accounts were in good order.  This is mainly with support from venue grant.  There is still some income to come in from team entries for NZ Schools teams. 

A formal plan is required for gear replacement.  Pistes and boxes in particular.  Some old gear could be retired to clubs. Peter to put together a capital expenditure budget.


Kirsten indicated that she was posting up-coming events.  A photographer came to the tournament with an indication that competitors could purchase online.  This might be an option at Oceaneas.

There is some media interest in the referee course.

Fenz news

Main items were Commonwealths, Referee course, Oceanias. Coaches technical course at year end.  There are enough national medals for Oceania.

Health and Safety

Nothing to report.  Major incidents only need reports.  Minor matters only need to be noted.  World University Games. 

Other Business:  

2023 calendar.  National tournaments are U15/17, North Island Champs, Australia has published their tournament timetable already. 

Peter to circulate a template to try and populate the 2023 calendar.  We need to look at revised ideas if any. 

Tommy Lee has suggested patches for Fencing North.  This was endorsed on the understanding that he will get quotes for this.

Confirmation of next meeting date – Monday, 10 October 2022.

Meeting Closed:   8:45 pm.

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