Lame Care Guide

  • Hanging up a lame after use will help air dry it and ensure it lasts longer
  • When packing your lame, try not to fold it as this can break the metallic threads causing the lame to loose conductivity, instead lay it on a towel and roll it up.
  • Washing the lame can help make it last longer:
    • Check the label on the lame to make sure it can be washed; sometimes they will have symbols indicating this.
    • If the lame label gives instructions on how to wash then always follow those, as the manufacturers probably know best.
    • Hand wash the lame in the sink with some detergent, but make sure the detergent does not contain bleach as this will ruin the conductivity of the lame.
    • Rinse thoroughly to get all of the detergent out, try not to ring it as this will break the metallic threads.
    • Hang on a coat hanger to dry.


Jacket, Plastron, and Breeches Care Guide

  • After training or a competition hanging out your whites to dry.
  • To wash:
    • If you have your name printed on the back, or country printed on the breeches turn it inside out to avoid fading over time.
    • Machine wash on cold using a detergent that doesn’t contain bleach.
    • Hang on a coat hanger to dry, avoiding the sun.


Mask Care Guide

  • After training and competitions taking your mask out of you bag to air out will help to reduce the smell.
  • Using an old pillow case or material bag to put your mask in in your bag will reduce sweat transferring from the rest of your gear onto your mask.
  • To wash your mask:
    • If it has removable padding, remove this and wash.
    • If your mask does not have padding that cannot be removed hand wash with detergent, work the soap into the padding with your hands. Make sure to rinse all of the soap out.
    • Let air-dry.


Weapon Care Guide

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