Secondary School Individual Finals Ranking - 2014

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The below table has the initial seedings for the individual secondary school finals. The placings are based on results from the first three individual competitions. Where a fencer didn't attend a competition, they were awarded the average value of their other results +1. Any queries, see this document that contains the ranking logic:

At the SS Finals on 21st June we will be running an elimination format event. Fencers who lose in the first round will be added to a plate event and fence against other fencers who also lost in the first round. There will be prizes for both the main event and the plate event.

Placings 1-8 in each event will contribute points to the running school total, with the top ranking school being awarded a gear voucher for Mainland Fencing. The current school totals are available in the results from SS 3. Additionally, there will be a shield created as a prize for the school that shows the best sportsmanship and school spirit. The shield will be presented annually. 

Event start times and location are the same as those for the individual events, see this document for details:

Also, reminder that fencers who have competed in the three previous secondary school events get free entry into the finals. The entry fee is the usual $20 for those who haven't attended all the other events.

Throughout the day there will be food and drink provided for fencers. Feel free to bring family and friends!

Any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Boys Foil



Girls Foil



Mixed Sabre



Mixed Epee


Name Ranking   Name Ranking   Name Ranking   Name Ranking
Dyson, Clovis 1   Boyd, Alice 1   Leigh, Tommy 1   Ng, Bruce 1
Miehlbradt, Nicholas 2   Buisman, Nicola M. 2   Jacks, Laura 2   Lesiak, Sarah 2
Ng, Bruce 3   Chen, Christine 3=   Guo, Andrew 3=   Pearson, Joe 3
Dyson, Cesar 4   Fowler, Samantha 3=   Zhang, Jiazu 3=   Buckman, Jonathan 4=
Bruce, Joshua 5   Gracie, Jessica 5=   Rathbun, Sarah 5=   Gracie, Jessica 4=
Amor, Roman 6   Kharitonova, Darya 5=   Wilson, Alex 5=   Wilkie, Megan 6
Gregory, Alexander 7=   Zen, Anriena 7   Chen, Christine 7=   Benjamin, Valeria 7
Grimwade, Cameron 7=   Williams, Sara-Louise 8   Roxburgh, Tim 7=   Malak, Nour 8
Kirkwood, Gabriel 9   Zhang, Sally Roufan 9   Tait, Sam 9=   Aguilar, Arielle 9=
Jacks, Oliver 10   Gracie, Jessica C. 10   Zhong, Crystal 9=   Patel, Manisha 9=
Stapleton, Sean 11   Ingleton, Caitlin 11   Panszczyk, Daniel 11   Randle, Felix 10
Davies, Rhys 12   Lesiak, Sarah 12   Thomson, Sean 12   Hoole, Shannon 11=
Purcell, Michael 13   Swain, Alexia 13   Kiddle, Anastasiya 13=   Jelleyman, Caitlyn 11=
Fish, Ethan 14   Jacob, Lena 14   Boyd, James 14=      
McAsey, Thomas 15   Benjamin, Valeria 15   Yan, Lucy 14=      
Allen, Zane 16=   Chetty, T'heniel 16   Coppard, Laura 16      
Harder-Barfoot, Linus 16=   May, Chantelle 17   Tait, Nick 17      
Boucher, Murray 18   Yan, Lucy 18            
Hopkins, Freddy 19=   Irwin, Hannah 19=            
Pearson, Joe 19=   Zhang, Jean 19=            
Morris, Robbie 21   Liang, Sabrina 21=            
Monk, Alexander 22   Sayasaya, Evangelique 21=            
Urquhart, Miles 23   Thompson, Emily 23            
Alonzo, Pierce 24   Elborough, Sophie 24            
Monk, James 25   An, Yerin 25            
Beal, Jacob 26=   Gatland, Sarah 26            
Tanner, Ryan 26=   Siegers, Annika 27            
Ingleton, Sam 28   Barnes, Charlotte 28            
Black, Darcy 29   Kim, Christine 29            
Leigh, Tommy 30=                  
Lim, Zachary 30=                  
Greig, George 32                  
Wang, Jester 33                  
Naik, Rohan 34                  
Lim, Shawn 35                  
Grieve, Finnbar 36=                  
Ivanov-Feisen, Liam 36=                  
Collins, Jacob 38                  
Frank, Eden 39                  
Tok, Randal 40=                  
Zhu, Thomas 40=                  
Kim, Justin 42                  



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