Secondary School Individual #1 2014

Results from Secondary School Individual #1 2014

             (full results after photos)


Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who made the event run so smoothly! It was a fantastic start to the circuit. Also congratulations to all the fencers for showing good sportsmanship, and also for providing lots of enjoyable fencing. 

Here are a couple of podium photos of finalists. Check this album on facebook and like Fencing North to see all the others:

Epee Podium

Sabre Podium

Boys Foil Podium

Girls Foil Podium


The table above represents school placings in the competition. Points are awarded based on placings 1 to 8, for example, a 1st place is awarded 8 points, and a 8th place is awarded 1 point, 3rd= are both awarded 6 points and 5th is awarded 4 points. In mixed events there will be points awarded to the top 8 girls and top 8 boys. Schools earn points on entries across all three weapons. At the end of the secondary school circuit there will be a prize for the first placed school.               

School Points

Auckland Grammar School


Epsom Girls Grammar School 34
Mount Albert Grammar School 26
St Kentigerns 19
Sacred Heart College 15
Kristin School 11
Whangaparoa College 10
Westlake Girls School 7
Takapuna Grammar School 6
Macleans College 4
Wentworth College 2
Massey High School 0
Rangitoto College 0
King's College 0
St Peter's College 0
Mt Roskill Grammar School 0
Diocesan School 0


Event Placings:


Boys' Foil:

Place Name Club
1 Dyson, Clovis Sacred Heart College
2 Dyson, Cesar Sacred Heart College
3 Miehlbradt, Nicholas Kristin School
3 Ng, Bruce Auckland Grammar School
5 Bruce, Joshua Macleans College
6 Amor, Roman Whangaparoa College
7 Kirkwood, Gabriel Wentworth College
8 Monk, James St Kentigerns
9 Grimwade, Cameron Kristin School
10 Purcell, Michael Macleans College
11 Alonzo, Pierce Massey High School
12 Stapleton, Sean Auckland Grammar School
13 Harder-Barfoot, Linus King's College
14 Pearson, Joe Whangaparoa College
15 Lim, Zachary Rangitoto College
16 Beale, Jacob Macleans College
17 Urquhart, Miles St Kentigerns
18 Hopkins, Freddy St Kentigerns
19 Black, Darcy Auckland Grammar School
20 Jacks, Oliver Auckland Grammar School
21 Leigh, Tommy Auckland Grammar School
22 Fish, Ethan Auckland Grammar School
23 Ivanov-Feisen, Liam St Peter's
24 Collins, Jacob Massey High School
25 Grieve, Finnbar Auckland Grammar School
26 Greig, George Auckland Grammar School
27 Frank, Eden St Kentigerns
28 Zhu, Thomas Rangitoto College
29 Wang, Jiashuo Auckland Grammar School
30 Kim, Justin Rangitoto College
31 Monk, Alexander St Kentigerns
31 Lim, Shawn Rangitoto College
33 Tanner, Ryan St Kentigerns


Girls' Foil 

Place Name Club
1 Boyd, Alice St Kents College
2 Buisman, Nicola M. Epsom Girls Grammar School
3 Kharitonova, Darya Takapuna Grammar School
3 Chen, Christine Epsom Girls Grammar School
5 Zen, Anriena Kristin School
6 Lesiak, Sarah Epsom Girls Grammar School
7 Gracie, Jessica C. Epsom Girls Grammar School
8 Zhang, Sally Roufan Kristin School
9 Yan, Lucy Mt Roskill Grammar School
10 Irwin, Hannah Diocesan School for Girls
11 May, Chantelle Kristin School
12 Chetty, T'heniel Rangitoto College
13 Elborough, Sophie Rangitoto College
14 Sayasaya, Evangelique Epsom Girls Grammar School
15 Zhang, Jean Kristin School
16 Gatland, Sarah Epsom Girls Grammar School
17 Siegers, Annika Epsom Girls Grammar School


Boys' and Girls' Sabre:


Place Name Club
1 Leigh, Tommy Auckland Grammar School
2 Zhang, Jiazu Auckland Grammar School
3 Guo, Andrew Auckland Grammar School
3 Wilson, Alex Auckland Grammar School
5 Panszczyk, Daniel St Kentigerns
6 Chen, Christine Epsom Girls Grammar School
7 Tait, Sam St Kentigerns
8 Boyd, James St Kentigerns
9 Tait, Nick St Kentigerns


Boys' and Girls' Epee:


Place Name Club
1 Ng, Bruce Auckland Grammar School
2 Pearson, Joe Whangaparoa College
3 Buckman, Jonathan Mount Albert Grammar School
3 Gracie, Jessica C. Epsom Girls Grammar School
5 Wilkie, Megan Westlake Girls School
6 Malak, Nour Mount Albert Grammar School
7 Patel, Manisha Mount Albert Grammar School
8 Randle, Felix Mount Albert Grammar School
9 Jelleyman, Caitlyn Mount Albert Grammar School
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