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North Island Championship, U23 Champs & Veterans Sabre 2018

North Island Fencing Championships 2018

It is Fencing North’s pleasure to host the 2018 North Island Fencing Championships - also incorporating National U23 Championships and NZ Veteran Sabre Challenge. This is the first national open event of the season. Happy fencing!
Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th June
Jack Adam Gymnasium, Massey High School, 274 Don Buck Rd, Massey West, Auckland

If you're travelling from the Airport, look into booking a shuttle to save money. Talk to other fencers and see if they want to share https://www.supershuttle.co.nz/Default.aspx




Saturday 2nd June
Start Time
Men's Foil
Women's Epee
Men's & Women's Sabre
Sunday 3rd June
Start Time
Men's Epee
Women's Foil
Under 23 Sabre
Monday 4th June
Start Time
Under 23 Foil
Veterans Sabre
Under 23 Epee

Weapons Check:
7-9pm - Friday Night (Auckland fencers must get gear checked on Friday night and help with set up)
1 hour before each event
Poules followed by an direct elimination round.
Entry Fee:
North Islands & U23 Champs
$55 for first weapon
$30 for additional weapons*
*Please note that the North Island Fencing Championships and National U23 Championships are separate events and entry fees are to be paid at each event (i.e. North Islands Mens Foil + U23 Mens Foil $55+$55)
Veterans Sabre
To pay by Internet Banking, please deposit your entry fee to 01-0297-0024774-00. Reference the payment with your name and NI18. You can also pay your entry fee when you arrive at the event.
Entry form is at the bottom of this page - entries close on Wednesday 30th May. Entries have now closed, if you wish to enter please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All fencers need to be affiliated to Fencing New Zealand.
If you were affiliated in 2017 please click this link to renew your subscription.
If you were not affiliated in 2017 please click this link to affiliate.
Macleans School will be running a canteen Saturday - Monday at the venue.
Age Applicability:
North Island Fencing Champs are open to all fencers. NZ U23s are open to any fencer who was under 23 on the 1st January this year. For NZ Veterans Challenge you need to be 40+ by the first day of the competition.
Gear Requirements:
Check out the list here for Fencing NZ Gear Requirements. 
* Please note these have been reviesd for 2018
Females fencing in Men’s Events:
The FeNZ board has made the following decision regarding the introduction of a trial period for women to fence in men’s national events. The Board would like to offer our top female fencers more competition to help prepare for the upcoming Commonwealth Cadet, Junior, Open and Veteran Championships. While the Board acknowledges that there are differing opinions on the effectiveness of this approach, it has agreed
to a trial period for a scheme as outlined below. This decision will be reviewed in December 2018. The initiative applies to events not currently run as mixed events.
Criteria for female fencers participating in FeNZ Men’s tournaments (all weapons):
1. Fencers will be selected by FeNZ selectors and invited to be part of the scheme;
2. Participation if selected, is not compulsory;
3. Fencers not selected may apply to selectors to be considered for invitation to identified Men’s events;
4. Prior to competing in a Men’s event, an under 18 female fencer must present written permission from their coach and a parent or guardian to the DT;
5. U15, Cadet and Junior female fencers may be selected to fence in Men’s junior events but not open Men’s events, even though they may fence in open female events;
6. A fencer’s continuation in the scheme will be assessed by FeNZ selectors after each event.
7. Females taking part in a Men’s event will not receive ranking points from this event;
8. Any female fencing in the men’s event must also fence in the corresponding woman’s event.
Organiser: Jess Gracie This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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