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North U15s Competition & Referee Development 2019

Welcome to the Fencing North U15s Competition, to be held on Sunday the 29th of September! This competition will be combined with referee development sessions for beginners (Saturday 28th) and more experienced referees (Sunday 29th). 

U15s Key Questions


This is an under-15 competition run by the North region. (See below for the referee development course.)

Who can enter?

To enter, you must have been younger than 15 on January 1st, 2019. If you turned 15 this year, you are still eligible to compete. 

To enter, you must be affiliated as a member of Fencing New Zealand. You may enter this competition as your one 'free' competition if you are affiiliated as a school/club member; if you have competed already this year, you must get a full competitive affiliation. To affiliate or renew your affiliation, go to this link.


Sunday 29th September.


Trusts Arena, 65-7 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland.


Please ensure that you arrive in plenty of time to attend registration before your event. All fencers are expected to help with setup and/or packup.

Gym Opens + Setup*


Sabre/Epee Registration




Foil Registration


Foil Start


The organisers reserve the right to run mixed events if entries of either gender are not sufficient. 


All entrants must meet the following equipment standards:

  • Protective clothing: 350N Jacket, 350N Plastron, Glove, Trackpants or Breeches+Long Socks, Chest Protector (women).
  • Working Electric Equipment (where applicable to your weapon): Weapon, Body Wire, Mask Wire, Lamé, 350N Mask (with electric bib for foil), Cuff/Gauntlet.
  • All masks must have two methods of securing them to your head (e.g. tongue and strap, double safety strap). Masks with frayed or worn elastic are unsafe and may be rejected.
  • If there is a higher standard of equipment available, we recommend that you use it.


Entries will close at 12pm (midday) on Friday, September 27th.

Entry Fee

The entry fee for this competition is:

  • $25 for the first weapon.
  • $5 for each additional weapon.
  • $5 penalty for late entry.

Entry Form

Entries are now closed. Late entries may be accepted at the organisers' discretion, and will incur a late fee of $5. Email Ainslie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for late entries. 


For any questions/issues, email Katie on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Feel free to email if you’d like to offer to help as well!




Referee Development Course

Fencing North would like to invite referees of all levels to learn, gain experience and develop their skills at this referee development competition.


Beginners’ Class – Saturday 28th

The day before the competition we will be holding a classroom session for beginner referees. The class will run from 3-5pm in the Heron Coaches Room (upstairs) at the Trusts Arena. Anyone who attends is also invited to come and observe the competition the next day to watch refereeing in action.

This is the perfect opportunity for:

  • Fencers who haven’t refereed before and would like to learn.
  • Parents who might like to give it a go.
  • People who have refereed a little bit but want to brush up.
  • Anyone who wants to work out what’s going on with those funny hand signals.

If this sounds like you, please RSVP to Laura at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Practical Development – Sunday 29th

During the competition we are going to run a practical development session for referees with a bit more experience. Less experienced referees will referee bouts under the guidance of more experienced, and we will chat about important topics surrounding priority, penalties and technicalities.

This session is perfect for:

  • Fencers about to leave high school who want to stay involved through refereeing.
  • Adult fencers who want to volunteer in the community.
  • Anyone who has some referee experience but wants a bit more guidance.

If this sounds like you, please RSVP to Katie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..