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Fencing North Inc. Committee Meeting – 09.05.2022

 Meeting Opened:  7:00 pm (Microsoft Teams)

Present: Ben Upton (Secretary), Peter Butler (President), Maja Saran (Head of Tournaments), Peter Sarah (Member), Amanda Hopkins (Treasurer), Sunnie Sun (Vice President, Massey), Kirsten Hansen; Hannah Choi (Auckland University); Fiona Campbell (H&S and assistant tournaments).

Apologies: Katie Logan (Referees); Dave Elder (Tuatahi).

Minutes of last committee meeting

These were read at the meeting and approved.

Mark Rance

Noted that Mark Rance had passed away.  His contribution to the sport of Fencing was noted and the sad passing of his loss.

The Committed wished to note its condolences to family and friends.

Treasurer’s Report

Amanda Hopkins reported that a number of payments have made for the Easter Carnival (Referees, Expenses etc.).  Mid-south video referee hire fee has not yet come in.  So there should be a $1,600 profit from this tournament.  This is against a forecast of $1,200.

The above led to discussion about Fencing North obtaining its own video referee system.

Peter Butler sought approval to further this.  Approved that Fencing North obtain a video referee system up to a cost of $5,000 + GST. 

Noted that the turnover of the organisation is high.  The GST threshold is $60,000.  Some consideration will be had to whether FN should be GST registered, although this may be a one-off.

With regard to the profit of $1,600.  FENZ had agreed to underwrite up to 20% of loss.  Peter Butler suggested that consideration be given to payment of 20% of profit being paid to FENZ as a result.  This was discussed, but not necessarily agreed.  Discussed that this was a loose arrangement and it was considered that if all regions agreed to this approach, then this would be approved. 

The Committee wished to recognise the contribution of Felix Lun for organising referees and the Head Referees (Anya Kaminya).  A note of thanks will be sent.



Maja Saran reported on Schools Tournament – There were 79 entries (20 late).  This contrasted with 110 last year, although with Covid this was expected.  There was no protest on late fees.

This tournament made $2,840 gross revenue with $210 donations for prizes.  There are some refunds to come.

Noted that Te Pai remains cheaper as a venue even with carpet and there is much less risk of being ‘bumped’ in terms of hire. 

Discussed that clubs should be encouraged to use tournaments for fund raising by running the food stalls etc.

Register Now is now no longer being used – Data for this will be lost at the end of the year.  Another company Humanitix is now being used.  This is a charity organisation and cheaper.  The Fenton is being used for this and it appears to be user friendly.  This system does not allow a participant list.  There is a discussion at FENZ level about using a common system.  Fencing Time might be an option.  This is a matter for FENZ and will be discussed with FENZ.      

There is discussion with FENZ about the ranking qualification for some of the Fencing North tournaments.  Weapons check will be called for. 

Noted that there may be too many tournaments which are poorly attended with fencers stretched in terms of participation.  There may be a need to review more carefully to the calendar for next year.  This will require better integration.

McLeans College has offered to host competitions.  This could be a good venue for schools competitions.

Date for U20 nationals has not yet been fixed.

Hanna Choi advised that AU is running a Pride Tournament.  This will be a beginner event for those who want to try competitions and who do not usually compete.  29 May 2022 will be the date.

Hanna Choi indicated that AU may be in a position to offer a venue.

Better Participation Initiatives (Foil)

Ben Upton will look at some initiatives to getting better participation.  Options around tournaments will be discussed.  Plate / repechage or beginner / intermediate.  More poule fencing.




Kirsten reported that she has covered all tournaments.  This was working well.  She will not be able to attend the Fenton. 

Health and Safety

Fiona noted that there was nothing to report.  She noted that there was a need for something in place in the form of a safety manual.  There was a document required for that.

Peter will work with Fiona on.   


Fiona indicated that she may be available to assist.  Peter is also looking to meet with an individual who may be able to assist. 


Mark Rance’s passing was noted. 

Commonwealth selections are underway.  46 fencers have been selected.

Asian Zone tournament selection underway.

There is a grant for a technical coaching course in December.  Fencing North will need to put forward candidates for this (20 attendees from NZ).  This is FIE funded. 

Other Business:  

No other business

Confirmation of next meeting date – Monday, 13 June 2022.

Meeting Closed:   9:10 pm.

Thursday, 09 June 2022 14:12

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